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Some Past Releases

We are one of the most prolific studios in Ireland & have been behind several hundred releases since 1993. On this page is a small selection of those. For more detailed credits see the Credits Listing

Hail the Ghost
The Kilkennys and ARIS Choir - Homeland
Aine Cahil
Celtic Tenors - Feels Like Home
Simon Fagan - Outside Lookin In
Another World
HAM Sandwich - Carry the meek (credits for certain tracks from this album)
Oh Holy Night
Oh Holy Night
Aisling Quinn
Deaf Joe
Deirdre Shannon
Colette Kavanagh
Karl Loxley | Solo Amore
Wayne Brennan
Sinead McNally - Moody Blues
Celtic Tenors Christmas
Pearse Halpin - The Trick to Livin
Those Black Marks
Tabby - King of this Town
Jaded Sun - Whiskey Drinker
Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfetones - Call of Erin
Liam Lawton - Courage Can Cry