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Preparing For Your Session

To get the best out of your studio session we have some tips based on experience:


If you intend to use the house drumkit please inform us ahead of session. Note that we do not supply cymbals.

Since most modern pop music is recorded to 'click' its important that a drummer practices with click as much as possible prior to session. Click is not essential but there are many advantages to using it. It generally makes for a more consistent sounding track and makes an overdubbing process easier. If possible, try and find the tempo for the songs during rehearsals and give them to the engineer on the day as a starting point.

  • It makes recording other instruments a lot easier.
  • It makes drum recording drop-ins possible.
  • It makes copy and paste of tracks possible to save time later (example backing vocal blocks).


Guitars should be fitted with new strings. If guitars are being drop-tuned (lower than normal) its important that the guitar be fitted with heavier strings to help make tuning more stable.

If possible guitars should be 'set-up' before a session. This means that the action and more importantly intonation is made as acurate as possible for that instrument. This will stabilise tuning issues and ultimately will help us record fastter with less interruption because of tuning problems.