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Mastering for CD or Digital Release

Do you want your mixes to compete with other commercially released music? Our mastering techniques & tools give your music that extra polished finish you've been looking for.

What Is Mastering?

Mastering is the final stage in the recording process allowing you to make adjustments to your work before its released. It gives your tracks the chance to compete with other artists and make sure its presentable in the format you choose. We will make sure your tracks sound the best they can be. Using over 18 years of experience, we will be using techniques and practices with some of the best software available including Sequoia 12 mastering workstation, UAD plugins, Brainworx plugins and Slate plugins (to name a few). Additionally, analogue hardware from manufactures such as Great River will give your tracks that extra warmth that is so often missing from exclusively digital mixes. I will ensure that your individual tracks are presented as one project. Using EQ, Compression, Limiting, Phase Correction and Balance to achieve Depth and Clarity for the best sounding results. Nearly every track you hear is mastered in some form.

What else is included?

Should you require any revisions to your work the first revision will be free of charge. Additional revisions may incur a small additional fee. Also included in the cost is a Red Book Standard CD that would be needed if you were to manufacture a CD for sale. PQ and ISRC Information can be added and a Listening Copy is provided for you check before the Red Book CD is made. If your files are for digital release I will upload them and links will be sent to you directly for you to access them. Turnaround is usually within 3-5 days

Examples of Unmastered and Mastered tracks

Example 1: Sunburst by 'Vanwinkles'

The first half of this file is the song is before it got mastered. The mix sounds good but it is low in level and lacks commercial sheen and punch. Halfway through the original track fades and then we hear the finished mastered version. Notice how it feels immediately more energetic and exciting. Its loud without being void of dynamics.