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Hail The Ghost debut album 'Forsaken' released today
Posted: 06/03/15
Not content with causing waves in the series Love Hate, Actor/Musician Kieran O'Reilly and his new band 'Hail The Ghost' have released their debut long player named 'Forsaken'. In short, its a broody, poetic, sonically beautiful but edgy album in the style of The National. The first singe 'Headstoned' earned many glowing reviews including these words by Joe Donnelly of TXFM (formerly Phantom) “I can honestly say it’s one of the best new songs from an Irish band I’ve heard in a while. It has that reflective indie rock quality but there’s something about the great writing and music that really makes this song stand out”
The Scenes Complete their Debut Album At JAM Studios
Posted: 04/02/15
After a lot of work new Kilkenny band 'The Scenes' have completed their long player at JAM Studios. Singles will proceed a full album release later this year and the band will support the release with shows across the summer. Liam and Eamonn are ex another great Irish band 'Saving J' who also did much of their work at the studio
New band 'Hail The Ghost' score Number 1 on iTunes
Posted: 11/12/14
New Irish band Hail The Ghost have gotten to the Top Spot of the iTunes Alternative chart with their single 'Headstoned'. Hail the Ghost is fronted by Kieran O'Reilly who is currently best known for playing detective "Ciaran Madden" in the TV show "Love/Hate'. The single precedes the debut album to be released in March 2015. The track was recorded at JAM Studios by Martin Quinn and Co-Produced by Kieran and Martin
Hail the Ghost release their first single ahead of anticipated debut album
Posted: 04/12/14
Dublin Concerts music review has this to say "‘Headstoned’ kicks off with devastatingly beautiful piano, immediately grabbing our attention with its somber enchantment. However, it is when the distinct baritone vocals come into play that we become completely absorbed. This is the song that you will hear on the radio and ask “what is this called?” and, “who are this band?”. With just this one tune, Hail The Ghost have created something special – a new sound for the Irish much spectrum."
Kathy Crinion Breaks into the US
Posted: 14/08/14
Kathy Crinion has entered the US NationalAirplay Charts with her self-penned debut single "We Need More Time" - entering the chart at 118. It also reached number 14 on the Indie Airplay listings. The song, and Kathy's debut album "Ups, Downs & Merry-Go-Rounds", was produced and recorded by Martin Quinn at JAM Studios.
Koda Kid release debut Album
Posted: 04/07/14
Having spent the past 2 years devloping the sound and building tracks, waterford band Koda Kid have released their debut album. The album was fully recorded here at JAM Studios. We had some great fun making the record and we're all very pleased with the result.
Niamh Lynn scores a Number 1
Posted: 30/11/-1
Country singer Niamh Lynn has scored her first number 1 in the country charts with the single A Love I Think Will Last, a duet with Johnny Bady. This followed Niamh and Johnny's LATE LATE Show appearance on 19th February. The song was Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Martin at JAM Studios. Martin also played all guitars and bass on the track. Andrew Quinn played Drums