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The new album Christmas by Karl Loxley is released.
Posted: 16/11/21
Karl’s brand new Christmas Album. Featuring 12 beautiful tracks recorded with The Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra, Bow Tie Orchestra, Moscow and The Sofia Session Choir. Produced and arranged by Martin Quinn at JAN Studios. In it's first week the album reached Number 2 in the Official UK Classical Album Chart
Eileen Tackney releases poignant and otherworldly third album ‘The Return Home’
Posted: 28/01/21
Eileen Tackney's "The Return Home" is a call to calm. Its electronic ambience combines with a classical aura and folk instrumentation that gives this album a place in another dimension, where music as a healer, using the quality of music to reflect, reverberate and bring us home to our core. This is music that talks to the soul, comprising mainly 3 and 4 minute tunes that occasionally challenge but always remain powerful in a world where love and peace always win, and working to the principle that 'less is more'.
Karl Loxley's No1 album Solo Amore rises to No. 3 in UK Classical again
Posted: 26/10/20
Karl Loxley's debut studio album Solo Amore is again rising in the UK Classical chart. As of today it has reached the no.3 and rising. Earlier in 2020 the album reached number 1. Karl, from Birmingham UK chose Martin Quinn to produce the album and came over to Ireland in 2019 for the recording. The album was largely recorded at JAM Studios with live String orchestra recorded in Prague by members of the Prague FILMHarmonic. The album features some well known classical crossover tracks like 'Conte Partiro' and 'O Sole Mio' as well as an original song written by Karl called "Everything I Am".
Kieran O'Reilly and Ragga Ragnars release their debut single 'Broken Wings'.
Posted: 06/02/20
oday, Kieran O'Reilly and Ragga Ragnars release their debut single 'Broken Wings'. Ragnars and O'Reilly met during the filming of VIKINGS, where they became good friends. In late 2019 the pair decided to write music together, and began crafting their sound over the subsequent months. 'Broken Wings' is a delicate track, written by both O'Reilly and Ragnars, and produced by Kieran O'Reilly and Martin Quinn. The music video for the single was shot on location in Iceland, directed by Ragnars' brother Jonni Ragnarsson.
eur(Elle) releases debut solo album ‘The Dark Chromatic’
Posted: 28/07/19
Hot Press reviewed the album in July 2019. Heres an excerpt of the review: “Telling tales of friendship, family, death, love, mental health struggles and rebirth, there’s much to love on this self-described soundtrack to the singer’s new life. ‘Run’ is a grandiose and gorgeous listen; ‘Porcelain’ is a soaring, stadium-ready slab of synth-y alt pop; and ‘Team’ harks back to his time as ringmaster for Empire Circus. Best of the lot is ‘The Dark Chromatic’: clocking in at nearly eight minutes, and built around a riff reminiscent of ‘Shine On You Crazy Diamond’, this marvellous labyrinth is worth the price of admission alone.”